Option 1

Is your organization already doing business with NSBS via The Order Hub, but you specifically do not have an account to use The Order Hub?

Option 3

Is your organization not currently an approved vendor with NSBS, but wants to become one?

Option 2

Is your organization doing business with NSBS, but not via The Order Hub, and you would like to start doing business with NSBS via The Order Hub?
  • Received PO's, RFQ, Contract Renewals, and Invoice status details on a Portal.
  • Communicate more effectively with your customer: Acknowledge PO's and/or make change requests on line. Finalize PO faster.
  • Reduce invoice disputes and price differences.
  • See the status of your invoice on line as it progresses through their system
  • Get paid faster.
  • Provide your customer with an Advance Shipping Notification and/or Service Delivery Notifications on line

Option 4

Is your organization interested in learning more about The Order Hub?
  • The Order Hub is a Procurement Portal developed by P2Insight. It can be used with any Procurement System, with some integration work, but currently comes with Adapters for Maximo.
  • The Order Hub publishes Purchase Orders, Request for Quotes, Purchase Contracts, Advance Shipping Notifications, Receipts and Invoices on the Internet, so that Buyers and Vendor can interact with each other on line.
  • The Order Hub can be implemented On-Premise, Hosted, or on the Cloud, and can be set up for a single Buyer or Vendor origination, or in a multi tenant environment.
  • You can use it to do business with all your customers!